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Jason Yarber (Magius96)

Jason is a professional software developer with an Associates degree in Computer Programming and is only a few semesters away from obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Computer Programming. Jason is an avid gamer, and some might say he was addicted to video games. Choosing not to seek out a Video Games Anonymous group, he spend a good portion of his time playing games or making games. Jason has been dabbling in game development for more than 20 years using various programming tools and languages. To date he has released five programs: Jet fighter, Short Circuit XBLIG, Short Circuit Android, Droplets Android, and ThaumCheater Android. You can find Jet Fighter in our downloads section, but Short Circuit has been removed from the XBox 360 marketplace where it was published. All android programs are available on Google Play.

Jason's favorite types of games include puzzle games, role playing adventures, and some limited simulations. Jason has also been known to enjoy a few first person shooter games, as well as games from virtually every genre.