For the longest time we've been using WordPress as our website type, and that site has been hosted at  To make that work, we had to redirect all traffic from www.CupCodeGamers automatically, which would cause some browsers to toss out a security warning.

We've migrated our entire website back to so that the redirection is no longer necessary.  During that migration, we also changed our web system from using WordPress to Concrete5.  For the most part, our readers shouldn't notice much in the way of differences, other than just a simple visual difference.  For us, however, the differences are black and white.  For one, the new system makes it easier for us to make and manage our posts.

We've also updated our general policies on when and what we can post about.  We've been posting about our development projects as soon as we start them.  While this practice may work for many indie developers around the world, it does not work for us.  We often get into building a game, and realize that the game just won't be as much fun as we initially thought it would, so we then abandon the project to pursue other ideas.

The problem here is that if we've been posting about the game during development, we've now got some sort of following that is hoping the game gets completed.  Abandoning projects in that condition looks bad upon us, and causes the community to mistrust us as developers.  We don't want to look bad or lose the trust of our fans and followers, so we've discussed at length what our new policy will be regarding when and what to post.

First, we won't post anything about any of our projects unless enough work has been done on that project for us to release a Demo of the game.  In general, the game must be at a playable state before we can discuss the project with the public in any way.

Second, when we do discuss a project, we will NOT discuss future changes or features.  If it is not currently in the game, you won't hear a peep out of us about it.  This means that we also will not confirm or deny any features that are currently being worked on or are planned to be added.

We realize that these policies may have adverse effects upon the community, however, we believe that they will provide more positive benefits than negative ones.