While I’ve been happy with the game-play elements of Droplets, I’ve always felt that the graphics just weren’t up to par with my expectations. I’ve been mulling over this for a long time trying to come up with an idea for the graphics that I think might work. I believe that I’ve finally nailed down the artistic theme that I want to go with.

I’ve written up a project proposal and presented it to a couple of artists for them to bid on the project. If you happen to be an artist, are able to create pixel style graphics, and are interested, send me an email and I’ll give you the proposal as well. You can check out the Project Proposal. If you want to submit a bid for the project, please email it to me at Magius96@CupCodeGamers.com.

As you can tell, I am going with a pixelated style of graphics. This means that I will be removing all of the current graphics in the game, including those high def photographs that are currently being displayed in the background of the game. I really don’t know what I was thinking about by using those, it looks so amateur to me. Those photographs will be replaced by a dynamic, animated background that matches the theme of the overall game, and I do believe that will look a lot better.

Also as part of this redraw project, I am planning on adding a few new features, and these are detailed in the project proposal. I plan to add some birds to the game. Now, as you are falling lazily from the sky avoiding those oh-so-easy to avoid clouds, you will also have to avoid our fine feathered friends as they make their migratory flights, or whatever they are doing. Pay attention, as these feathered menaces will be occasionally flying from one side of your screen to the other, though because you are falling, they will appear to be flying up at an angle. But if you pay close attention, you’ll notice they don’t really change altitude in comparison to the clouds.

The game has been lacking any kind of goal, so I’m gonna add one. After this project is completed, you will notice the color of the background gradually change as you fall out of the sky. This is because you are quickly approaching this huge rock that we call a planet, and if you aren’t careful, you will find yourself splattered all over a rock, or a blade of grass. Somewhere on that rock there is a water puddle, and that’s where you want to land. Land in the puddle or not, the game is over either way, but landing in the puddle will earn you a point multiplier that can make it that much harder for your friends to beat your score.

Finally, if you’ve read the project proposal, then you may have caught a hint of the next project. Or maybe, you haven’t read the proposal but have been monitoring the Trello Board. I’m going to go ahead and confirm this hint. Once the Droplets Redrawn Project is completed and all new features are in place and working, I plan to begin working on Droplets 3D.

Droplets 3D will be essentially the same game, but played in a 3D perspective. You will be looking down towards the ground with a 1st or 3rd person camera, so you can see from the eyes of the droplet, or looking down over it’s shoulder (or whatever you want to call it). In Droplets 3D, you will see the clouds rushing up at you as you tilt your device to move in four direction. Yet again, you will be able to collect other droplets for more points and to become larger, as well as tap the screen to shed some extra water and slow down. 3D birds will fly through the scene, and eventually, you will attempt to land in a puddle on a 3D landscape. In short, the only expected difference there will be between the two games is 2D versus 3D.