A long while back I started developing Droplets using Game Maker Master edition. In the process of testing the game I soon discovered that the game would be unplayable a large portion of Android devices. I tried, and tried to adjust the game so that it would be playable, but nothing worked. The problem was not with my code, it was with Game Maker itself. More specifically, because I was using certain features in Game Maker, it was raising the minimum Android version that could play the game. The problem here was that those features are actually useable in almost every version of Android, and were integral to the game itself.

Since then, development on Droplets came to a screeching halt. There was no need to continue developing the game if it wasn’t going to be able to be played on any except the most recent devices. Well, as of this moment, I am revisiting Droplets using a different toolkit. I wanted to use FlatRedBall, however that would require a license for Xamarin, which costs money that I just don’t have. Since I couldn’t use FlatRedBall, I have opted to rebuild the game using Unity. As of this point, I have already reimplemented a large portion of the game, and have successfully tested it using various Android devices, including a version 1 Kindle Fire.

This means that I should be able to finally finish and publish the game to the Google Play store. I plan on paying the dev fee to Google soon, so now I just have to finally complete the game.