Yes, folks, an update has been sent for peer review. If you’ve already purchased the game then you won’t notice many changes at all. The vast majority of the changes in this release are dealing with the demo version. I felt the demo version wasn’t a very good representative of the whole game because it gave demo players no idea how many levels there really was. Now, the demo will show all 70 levels, but only 12 will be availabe in the demo. Also, I’ve changed it so that both the full version and the demo version will use the same save file. What this means for you is that the levels you beat in the demo will be marked as completed in the full version when you upgrade. As for those 26 of you who already own the full version, the only change you will notice is a verbiage change in the options menu. What I used to call as “Auto-Repeat Delay” is now called “Controller Sensitivity” to make it more user friendly.