I’ve been quiet on this site lately. Mostly because I’ve been working hard on several projects. Today, one of those projects has reached the point where it can be published, and so it has. The app name is Thaumcrafter, and its available for most Android devices.

What is Thaumcrafter you ask? Well it’s not a game, and it’s not a business app. I’ve actually registered Thaumcrafter as a reference app. That’s because Thaumcrafter acts as a reference for Thaumcraft aspects and research.

If you’re asking what Thaumcraft is, then this app probably isn’t for you, unless you like Minecraft and magical Minecraft mods. Thaumcraft is a huge mod for Minecraft that is focused upon magic that revolves around about 50 or so aspects. To unlock new magical devices and wands you complete research puzzles. Thaumcrafter provides answers to some of these puzzles, and will provide other tools to help in solving them.

Thaumcrafter is being released now as an early public test, to help ensure there are no bugs in the software. The data for the application is still incomplete, and I will be working on completing the data soon, as well as adding data for additional Thaumcraft versions.