I have uploaded Thaumcrafter v1.1 to the google play store to fix a few bugs in the application.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix for empty button appearing in the connections for base aspects
  2. Fix for aspects not being displayed with their correct colors
  3. Fix for aspects that were missing from data for TC V4.1.0g

The update itself with not fix the missing aspects. To get this fix, go to the manage data screen, tap the red X button to remove your existing data, then tap the green down arrow to download the new data from the server.

If you download the new data without deleting the old data, you will end up with two entries for the same version, and you won’t be able to fix this without uninstalling and reinstalling the app. In a future version I plan to fix this so that you can simply download an update for a version that you already have installed. I also plan to make updating the data much faster by having it only download data that you need for the update.

As far as I know, TC V4.1.0g is complete in the app for the features that are currently released. Unless someone finds a bug, or suggests any major changes to improve it, my next step is to work on adding more TC versions to the app for download.