This page outlines the various internal policies that have been established in regards to CupCode Gamers public relations.  These policies must be adhered to at all times by all employees and/or representatives of CupCode Gamers.  These policies are provided to the public in the interest of providing clarity to our business practices and procedures.

  1. No WIP Disclosure

    Nothing can be disclosed about any project unless that project is in a playable state and is capable of having a public demo released.

  2. No Future Disclosures

    No features of any project may be disclosed to the public unless that feature is already included in the project and is tested to be working.

  3. Regular Postings

    Once a project has been announced to the public, there must be regular postings on the website to keep the community up to date with what is going on with the project.

  4. No Release Dates

    No release date can be given to the public for any project that is not fully complete.

  5. Final Release Date

    Once a project has been completed, and is ready for publication, a release date may be given to the public at that time.  Once a release date is set, it can not be changed.

  6. Real Gameplay Only

    Any videos or images released about a project can only contain actual gameplay footage from the actual game.  No scripted environments or external CGI are allowed.  

  7. Non-Disclosure Agreements

    Anyone that is involved with working on any project must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement stating that they will not disclose any information about the project without express permission, regardless of whether the project has been published or not.

  8. 3rd Party Resources

    3rd party resources, such as code or other assets, may only be used if there is sufficient documentation to prove that the original author provides us permission to use it in a commercial capacity.

  9. Open Source Licenses

    Open source resources may only be used if the associated license does not restrict our usage of the resource in a commercial capacity, or require us to release anything to the public.