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Mar 27, 2017, 11:54 AM

I learned some rather valuable lessons from my self induced sabotage a while back. The first lesson I learned was to always commit your code to the repository. I also learned that you tend to get things done faster the second time around.

I wasn’t going to let deleting my source code prevent me from finishing Jet Fighter Neon. Nothing as trivial as losing the entirety of the project and all my hard work was going to keep me from my goals. Ok, so maybe it might set my plans back a few weeks, but I’m gonna finish this darn game, like it or not.

Today, I’ve sent the first rebuilt version of Jet Fighter Neon to the beta testers. Its not fully completed, but its really close. At least that is what I’m telling myself, anyways. While there’s still a few things to add in, like ads, the game is really close to completion. I think that overall it really just needs to be balanced at this point.

Since I lost all my code in the self sabotage, I figured it was a perfect time to re-code the way I was doing some things. The first thing I rewrote was level progression. It is still based on how many gems you have earned, but is now more level based, and throws in some mini-bosses every few levels. The second thing that’s re-coded are the upgrades. Upgrades values and prices are now mathematically calculated instead of hard coded. This will make it easier for me to tweak them for balancing.

Overall though, I’m confident that most of the game should be the same as it was, and I’m hoping for a public release before the 30th.

Mar 27, 2017, 11:53 AM

Well, I’ve done gone and messed up now. I was moving some projects around this morning, and deleted all the source code for Jet Fighter Neon.

I know, the first question any developer is going to ask is, “Don’t you have a backup?”, or “Isn’t it on your repository?” Well, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding, “No.” Can’t say it was my brightest moment, but I hadn’t committed Neon to the repository yet. Chalk that up to just being lazy, I guess.

So, now that I’ve gone and royally fubar’d the project, where do we go from here? I guess I’ll just have to start over. This will unfortunately cause the release date to be null and void. It also means that I probably won’t get it done in time to use the amazon advertising credits on it.