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Mar 27, 2017, 11:50 AM

For a little over a month or more, there has been a project listed on my Trello that was labelled as “Project Air”. I have been working on this project dilligently for the past few weeks, and I am now ready to formally announce the project.

“Project Air” was the code name for a new game that I’ve been working on, called “Jet Fighter Neon”. Neon is a recreation of the first game that I ever built, but with quite a few changes to improve upon the original game design.

First, since I no longer have access to the source code of the original game, I also no longer have access to the graphics that were used in it. Being on a rather tight budget, I couldn’t afford to hire an artist, so I’ve drawn the graphics myself using Paint.NET. Since I’m not an artist, I chose to go with a neon theme with simplified line graphics manipulated to make them appear to glow. I personally think that the results turned out fairly well.

In the original game, you simply flew a jet left and right trying to shoot down enemy bombers, and jets. You also dropped bombs to take out tanks on the ground. Every time you passed 1000 points another enemy would be added to the screen. You could literally calculate how many enemies should be on your screen by dividing your score by 1000. Thus the whole point of the game was to survive for as long as you can and rack up a high score.

Neon changes that game concept slightly. Enemy count calculation has been massively overhauled, and is now handled on an enemy type basis. You don’t kill enemies for points anymore, you kill them for gems, that you can save up and spend in the shop to purchase upgrades for your jet. You will also now have the option of facing the boss battle whenever you choose to, and will be given a final score based upon how long the boss battle took, and how many upgrades you had equipped.

Jet Fighter Neon is getting really close to completion, but I can’t yet say when it will be released. I am pushing to have it released as soon as possible, with a simultaneous release on Google Play and Amazon App Store. 

Mar 27, 2017, 11:49 AM

We’ve finally taken the plunge, and released Droplets on the Amazon App Store. What this means is that you can now install Droplets on Amazon devices like the Kindle Fire HD. We’re very excited about this, and were pleasantly surprised to find out that it did not cost us any extra to submit our app to Amazon.